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As a lone wolf autodidact reviewer with other legitimate goings-on I get pulled elsewhere sometimes - That's life - but I try to log-in, plug my ears in and ink up my quill on a regular basis // Music - from Abraxas to Zappa - is my lifeblood//

I have been collecting music my whole life but during the last 20 plus years of sobriety since 1999 I have absorbed and focused on 1000s of albums from the vast caboodle of genres that is out there//

MicroMUSICreviews @MusiMicro endeavours to focus on positive feedback // I only reviews tracks I enjoy and feel I can wholeheartedly support// If something comes in which doesn't rock my world I will do my best to place it with one of my contacts elsewhere//

The site will be in constant evolution to keep it fresh and there is an open door to ideas and suggestions from followers in keeping with this.

I await your thoughts, ideas and feedback and ask that you share and follow so we can remain visible and active as a blog/site. Reciprocation is key.

***** You will occasionally see posts here about ALLEN & DOUGLAS // a musical project I have been involved in since I was knee high to a grasshopper// I hope you dig their stuff *****



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