The sound-alike has two hurdles to overcome in his creative endeavour. First your technical skill must be good enough to rival the one you sound alike. Second you need to be creative enough to expand on that sound and make it yours. MemeBrane proficiently does both. “I am become Death, The Destroyer of Worlds” (2020) by UK producer MemeBrane is industrial music 101, save your questions for later. Thematically it’s centred on a quote by Robert Oppenheimer and with our self-destructiveness in focus. Foreboding and dark as it maybe MemeBrane creates a vehicle that takes us from our point of destruction at the hands of the apologetic father of the doomsday, through a world of shadows and madness into the circles of hell. A universe created to cause irritation and annoyance. The doomed and disillusioned is given no mercy. There is no forgiveness for destroying yourself and in the aftermath the macabre march of dead disappear into the void as the klaxons blare in the distance. You are dead by your own hand and it’s well deserved.

MemeBrane takes you on a dystopian nostalgia tour of a musical expression that we have left behind. At the first glance there is the omniscient presence of mid- and late nineties Nine Inch Nails influence. In a time of quick-fixing and bedroom pop/schlock sensibilities dominates, MemeBrane has taken the time to design a musical album that works from the opening intro and holds you fast to the end. A feat that only a few dare undertake and even less succeed in. A well-conceived and deliberate album that will not release you from its grip.

Yes, it’s dark. Yes, it’s dystopic. Yes, this is the soundtrack to the apocalypse of man. Yes, I f**king love it.

“I am Become Death, The Destroyer of Worlds” (album, 2020) by MemeBrane.

Ben Factor

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