• Craig


"This is Earth House" ~

Communicating about "THIS IS EARTH HOUSE", mAncient informed me he had been accepted for participation in a compilation album by the Electronic Music Alliance. A first. A well-deserved and appreciated accolade.

Throughout 2018, 3 electronic music producers (BufinjerDaveyHub and Nicky Havey) started working together to collaborate on mixes, remixes and brand-new tracks.

They then set about opening their doors to the wider electronic music community and eventually the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) was born. Soon after In 2019 via (EAR) they started releasing new music digitally and on other platforms such as spotify.

Now in late October 2020 we find mAncient on their wildly brilliant and broad-rooted compilation ~ "Future Sounds Anthology vol. 4". . The release feels like a classic. BufinjerDaveyHub and Nicky Havey are onto something decidely cool and enticingly hot. Supporting underdogs, unearthing hidden nuggets and dusty gems, they are frankly where it's at! Indie is more important and relevant now than ever.

When invited to submit, mAncient - who had correctly and justifiably been on the radar of many listeners and admirers for a while - decided he wanted to produce a track which illustrated his genre :- Earth House. Giving oxygen to and laying claim to a genre is a rare and courageous thing. There has to be something unique about the creation and its creator.

EARTH HOUSE is unequivocally mAncient's thing. He and it bleed into each other.

For me, on this track, and each track I know and love, he delivers to the listener a crazy yet balanced foray into now - an uplifting feeling of presence - and sonic projections and predictions of tomorrow.

It's timeless time-travel! A cerebral journey through the coolest chilled-0ut club!

You'll feel still, calm but you may sing smile or dance. Feel free. Go ahead! Life is for living!

All this sincerity and praise and depth ?

As an artist mAncient ~ from Norway ~ has history, lineage. He's wise, a celibate (blue-sky) Christo~Buddhist monk and healer. He's no mug though, make no mistake when his guttural bluesy chanting cuts in on this and many of his tracks you will be blown away ~ moved, rocked. He has intangible strength. You can hear the study, devotion, ancient paths, compassion kindness and beauty throughout this ethereal rhythmic infectious track. It's genius. The quality is total, a cut above. "EARTH HOUSE" ~~ Yes! That's accurate. Of this planet but something new and enchanting. Not twee. Zen.

Human nature dictates that sadly ignorance abounds! Some fools will posture and posit: "A MONK MAKING CUTTING EDGE ELECTRONIC MUSIC?" DON'T BE DAFT!

Laughing and scoffing, the detractors wont actually be listening but will still judge. What wisdom is that?

How many Christo~Buddhist monks are there who could feature hip~hop phrasing and other uber-modern facets of electronica and dance sparingly yet leave zero trace of cheese or commercial calculation? Cash? Fame? Cheese? There's no evidence of such things in mAncient's ouevre because they're not on his agenda. EARTH HOUSE is pure. It's Art! No cons. No deceit.

So... Can I pigeonhole the track? Nail it? Position it? Describe it precisely? The answer's no. A profound, well thought out, but not defeated, no!

I know though that what we do have here is ... A superb track! One where deeply powerful IDM, house vibes and urban traits are welded skilfully together with deep mystical undercurrents. The music, the soundscape is immense, building, levelling, and calming perfectly. Weaving through and in and around the notes and textures there are exemplary shades of palatable, enhancing chanting and melodic vocal hooks and refrains packed abrim with real, genuine soul. It oozes class! You need to hear it!

As always mAncient has created something inspired, exceptional. He is an artisan. A very talented, inspired, dynamic and powerful artisan.