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mAncient is a strong, complex, charismatic, peaceful man from Norway.

I was blown away quite literally when I heard "A Star is Reborn @ Hotel Odeon" from his eponymously titled 2020 release.

{STRIKES AGAIN} could conjure up a false perception of him. In truth he has history and lineage: A wise active monk and healer. There's no fraudulence or pseudo-spiritual bandwagoning here. And cast away - even if it's only temporarily - any misconceptions you may have that fame, dollars, bling and silly pop cliches count for much because when you engage with this potent evocative vibe those things and even, dare I say it, rockandroll posturing will look frankly daft.

Sure, all over the planet, since the year dot, great music abounds. Rock and Roll's truly immense when you unearth and discover new and proven gems. And Blues, Touareg, Alt Country, Post Rock, Electronica - it's all magnificent but make no mistake what we have here is equally rewarding and deserving. It's Brilliant! Powerful and UNIQUE.

mAncient delivers a crazy yet balanced foray into urban triphop that's welded skilfully together with deep mystical undercurrents. He has created something inspired, exceptional. He is an artisan. He refers to his ouvre as EARTH MUSIC. That's accurate. It's of this planet granted but it's new and enchanting. It's healing music! Not twee! Zen!

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