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REVIEW 32 - Doc Rhombus

Internet eyes





It's true folks, your old faithful friend Craig ain't guilty...

...There was a wake-up knock on my rickety glass office door. I jumped up incrementally and then a plume of blue cigar smoke punched my nose... This is for you! A deep firm voice ordered. It's everything you need. No questions!

In the pristine silver folder - a CD, one side of scrawl with an indecipherable signature and a bold instruction... PUSH AHEAD! WE LIKE THIS!

Sure, I had questions. Worries. But the blue overcoat was gone. Away on a red bus.

...And so, I'm pushing ahead verbatim. The good news is it's a good track, a great track, special! How very strange?

...Imagine yourself resting by the bar in a futuristic setting. People small-talk. You are sipping a whiskey sour staring at the screen in your palm. She's looking back at you...

Internet eyes is played out with effective minimal orchestration lifting its tonality from the likes of late 90s Beck with a hint of Ray Manzarek's electric piano sprinkled on top. It's future music in a past tense. You identify it as something you've heard before, but not like this.

Doc Rhombus himself has a tender voice that blends nicely into his melodic scenery. There's a weight to the vocals signalling emotional distress during the chorus, but this is gently counterweighted with a smooth singing voice during the verses.

Think Joao Gilberto, Gilberto Gil or Serge Gainsbourg. In essence, this is not the 20s jazz lounge we'd expect, but its the jazz lounge we need, and deserve.

Doc Rhombus is an American artist and multi-instrumentalist from Minneapolis.

Internet eyes was a single from his 2019 debut album - The Condition.


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