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REVIEW 31 - armageddon speaking

"Theory of Time Travel" E.P.


Sometimes an old-timer like me has to check modern lingo out. Apparently "jank" loosely means junk or un-reliable. So I presume "janktronica"- armageddon speaking calls his music this - could be perceived as a genre without major merit or gravity... Incorrect! It's wonderful!

With a nod to Philip Glass, Throbbing Gristle, Aphex Twin , Boards of Canada and other envelope pushing minimalist and electronica champions, armageddon hits us, soothes us, with gentle layered waves and further brilliance from Parry Sound in Ontario.

Time travel is the focus here so let's go back to March, 2020... Another great release...

With this current E.P. released in August 2020, only a fool would deny that we are inhabiting a vastly different vibe and era. Us poor, fragile, often self-defeating humans desperately need balm and comfort. A panacea or fix say, for the troubled times now speaking loud and clear.

Strangely, this haunting, eerie, weird, panoramic, offering with super-subtle and intermittent snatches of garbled gobbledygook and other secret ingredients may well do the trick. It definitely isn't JANK! With its repetition of themes and base soundscapes intelligently layered this E.P. is magic! You can try but I don't think it is designed for dancing. Get horizontal or alternatively imbibe it aurally- a legal, trippy, stimulating companion to creativity. Fab! Stick it on repeat!


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